We are thrilled that you’ve invited us to be a part of this incredibly special time of your life.  From conception to delivery we are committed to providing comprehensive prenatal care.  Patients enjoy a low risk delivery in the “birth center” environment of the Centre for Women at South Lake Hospital.  High risk pregnancies are co-managed with a perinatologist and may be delivered at Winnie Palmer Hospital to assure the highest level of obstetrical and neonatal care.

Caring for pregnant women requires both skill and compassion. Although pregnancy is a natural state in a woman’s reproductive cycle, it challenges each woman differently. Each pregnancy is unique and women need guidance to navigate their way toward a safe pregnancy and a healthy delivery.

During your pregnancy, we offer the option for a 4-D experience.  Patients and their families are invited to meet their baby on our 56-inch high definition television.  We also provide both still photos and CD/DVD images to share with friends and family.

Pregnant patients also enjoy a complimentary skin evaluation and a free treatment with our licensed aesthetician during the pregnancy.

Concerned about what’s involved in a cesarean section procedure? Watch the video below to learn more about what to expect.


Pregnancy ultrasound is a routine part of prenatal care. At your first pregnancy appointment, called a confirmation of pregnancy, our staff will perform a brief ultrasound to identify the baby and determine a heartbeat. This exam is important because it helps us to identify early pregnancy problems, such as ectopic pregnancy, threatened miscarriage, subchorionic hemorrhage and multiple gestation (ie, twins).

Later, at around 18 – 22 weeks, you will also have a thorough fetal ultrasound to evaluate the baby’s anatomy. Most expectant parents look forward to this exam as it is the earliest opportunity to identify the gender of the baby. You may also request a 4-D ultrasound at this time.

In the third trimester, an ultrasound to determine the expected fetal weight is performed in our office. This exam also evaluates the fluid around the baby and the presenting part (ie, breech or vertex).

Additional ultrasounds are also performed as needed throughout the pregnancy based on risk factors. The popular 4-D ultrasound can also be added to any of these ultrasounds by patient request.

Although ultrasound is not 100% in identification of problems in pregnancy, it is often used as a screening tool for trends in amniotic fluid volume, fetal growth, placental location, and fetal positioning.

Breastfeeding Consultations

If breastfeeding issues occur after your discharge home from the hospital then you may need the assistance of an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Private and personalized breastfeeding consultations are available to help you reach your personal breastfeeding goals.

Consultations include pre- and post-feeding weight checks and an individualized breastfeeding plan. Contact the office at 352.241.6460 for more information, or contact BabyFirst Lactation directly at 888.250.2762.

Consultation fee $85.00.